Chlorine Dioxide Treatment

Water is the primary resource used in hydraulic fracturing, and it is vital that it meets the highest standards required by oil and gas operators.  Bacteria, if not eliminated, can cause significant downhole issues which lead to expensive well maintenance costs.  Our advanced water treatment system generates a highly effective biocide, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), to prevent and eliminate 100% of bacteria in fresh water sources or flowback and produced water.  Our system utilizes a two precursor method to produce ClO2, where it is then injected into the target water source for continuous treatment (typically, our ClO2 is injected on the fly directly in the water transfer line).  The advantage to on the fly treatment, as compared to the batch treating process used by other biocides is that our chemicals are able to treat 100% of the water (whereas batch treating typically only treats a certain portion of the water column in the frac tanks).  In addition, ClO2 is considered by the EPA to be a safe, green biocide.  Our system generates ClO2 via the flow of the water transfer line, when the flow stops, our unit stops generating ClO2, ensuring a safe working environment.  When our ClO2 and Water Transfer services are combined, we are able to be more cost effective for our customers, while at the same time eliminating operational redundancies such as chains of command, invoicing, and overlapping trucks and equipment.