Our Commitment:

At SwiftWater, A TETRA Company our highest commitment is toward the safety of our employees and the execution of our core values.  We believe that when both of these measures are accomplished, the benefits are shared with our customers, the community and the environment.   Each deserve a high degree of respect, and we recognize that begins with our commitment to safety and values.   It’s not enough to have good intentions, so we provide our people with the highest quality safety apparel, equipment and continual training focused on best practices.

We are proud members of the ISNetworld and PEC Safety reporting services, where our exceptional safety records are available.  

Safety Reporting:

We maintain membership to the ISNetworld reporting service, where oil and gas operators and other companies are able to efficiently manage contractor and supplier relationships.  Contractors such as ourselves, build a profile and upload information and records that may include safety data, insurance, performance and regulatory filings.  Our participation in the ISNetworld reporting service is intended to save our customers valuable time, while demonstrating our commitment to safety and values.  View our records at

PEC Safety
We maintain membership to the PEC Safety reporting service, where oil and gas operators and contractors are able to log in and perform pre-qualification procedures and on-going assessment.  A 160 item Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) provides the content for which statistical and customized data become available with little effort.  Our affiliation to PEC allows our valuable customers to quickly and easily obtain the information they need to take the next step.  View our records at